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WhiteBoard Labs is a brand created and promoted by Collabzo Solutions Private Ltd., incorporated in India. We also have a franchise in Australia. The WhiteBoard Labs MetaGig  Platform is a global digital community of learners, knowledge builders, professionals and industry, addressing the problem of employability gaps in industry readiness through the transformation of people, by enhancing their competencies through training at the schools, colleges and Universities and expanding the capacity of young professionals, to remain relevant for the current & future workforce.  Our AI and meta learning tools help students and professional learners acquire a life long learning capacity and help them to remain relevent throughout their work life. 





We create employability through Tech enabled deep learning of Tech and Business competencies and required knowledge tools, undergirded with mentors and industry participation.

Breadth and Depth

Student Network accross 19 Countries including West Indies, North America, India, Australia, Asia Pacific


Used By Industry & World leaders

Revlon, Kraft, Michelin, Princeton University, The LA Times and many more.


Industry 4.0 Business Skills Content Sourced from Velsoft Canada

Over 200 I4.0 competencies customized for India 


We help you stay relevant

At the university and At the workplace.

The Employability Audit

Employability is that X factor that makes job seekrs more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupations which benefits themselves, their community and the economy.  

    Employment Linked Training Courses

   Our unique employment linked training programs 

   have a definitive outcome: 



     Lifetime Portal Membership

    Each subscriber has a lifetime membership on the portal 

    allowing them to update their competencies from 

    time to time, ensuring they stay relevent 

    througout their worklife. 

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Incubation

An Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub is place which provides facilities to nurture new ideas and help develop inquisitive perspective in youths of today. These hubs serve as springboards for new ideas and innovation and thus helping the society and economy to face future challenges and meet rising aspirations of the growing population. Specifically, embedding such creative pedagogies in education through Innovation ‘Hubs’ would have potential to retain talent in modern science.

o set up one at the STPI, Shimla, under the direction of Mr. Shiv Tohan.

Our experience

WhiteBoard Labs Australia Pty Ltd. And Collabzo Solutions (P) Ltd., have been engaged in training and development of entrepreneurs, students and professionals as well as mentoring and advisory to start-ups in India and abroad, since 2013 with various organizations like Bhartiya Vidya Mandir, St. Johns College, Literacy India, Indhacraft, University of West Indies, Grant Thornton, Carigamers and more. We have executed these in an online as well as face to face mode. Our online learning platform has serviced more than 25,000 individuals from across the globe from senior school to MBA programs. We promote innovation and development through our learning and mentoring programs, preparing the youth for a role as an innovator, business start-up or professional in todays global economy of the 5th Industrial revolution and the metaverse.



Dr. Rohit Kumar

Dr. Rohit Kumar Shipstone is the Co-Founder of WhiteBoard Labs Australia Pty Ltd and Collabzo Solutions (P) Ltd., Knowledge Tech companies working in the area of business and professional development in Industry 5.0 and the Metaverse.

Rohit is a serial entrepreneur and has Co-Founded three I.T. start-ups in India and the U.S.A., including CollabZo Solutions (P) Ltd., E-Ready Technologies Inc., USA and E-Ready Solutions (P) Ltd. Rohit has a Professional Doctorate in Management and E-Business and a Masters in Economics, and certificate courses from Stanford in Entrepreneurship, New Business Models in Society from university of Virginia.

Rohit is an active mentor and adviser for start-ups. He is on the Advisory Board of Action Aid, India for Social Entrepreneurship and has been a judge on the panel of the National University of Singapore - DBS Foundation’s Asia Challenge for Social Entrepreneurs in Asia. He has personally designed and executed a Virtual Incubation Center with the University of the West Indies as well as run a Entrepreneurship Development Program for the Carigamers in the West Indies. He has run similar programs with the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Usha & Lakshmi Mittal Institute of Management in 2013, Adviser to Care International on  Start up program of associated social enterprises.

Rohit holds multiple patents and has three publications to his credit on Human Capital Development and E-Learning.


Dr. Shiv Kumar Tohan

Former Vice Chancellor at Arni University, Kangra, Co-Founder White Board Labs and CESON, Shiv is master’s in computer applications and integral part of the team from an academic as well as technology perspective. He is an expert on Data Centers, Metaverse technologies like AI, Block chain and many more etc.

Shiv is a Serial Entrepreneur in Social, Education [Industry 4.0], Tourism, Horticulture , Information Technology with 18 years of experience and has a  passion to grow the youth in line with industry needs to build the India of tomorrow. He is also a member unit in the incubation of Software Technology Parks of India at Shimla and adviser to the H.P. Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Commission for the development and implementation their enterprise software . Currently he is establishing a Tier 1 Data Center in Shimla, for housing start up projects as well as SaaS services for the global market.

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